157868305What’s in a name…

cap.i.tal  n.   1 a city that is  the seat of government for a state or nation.   2 money; wealth.   3 adj. excellence; principal; chief.

con.sult’ant  n.   1 one who gives professional or technical advice.   2 one who guides.   3 an expert; a teacher.


Describing Capital Consultants (CC) as a firm is as easy as defining the words from which the firm takes its name.   CC’s purpose is to generate wealth for its clients and customers and to maintain a standard of excellence in providing professional and technical advice in the ever-changing, ever complex, global marketplace.

CC’s corporate philosophy has been adopted from the language of the Iroquois; an indigenous tribe in the northeastern United States…

“In our every deliberation, we must 
consider the impact of our decisions on 
the next seven generations.”

– The Iroquois Confederacy

As a firm, we are committed to take into account the past, present and future impacts of our every decision, for the sake of our clients, the environment and the social and economic well-being of every person affected by those decisions.

                                                                                     Michael David Kaiser
                                                                                     President & CEO