Eugene Garcia




Northeastern University                                Boston, Massachusetts

Masters of Business Adminstration, Finance Concentration


Boston University                                                Boston, Massachusetts

Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering

Eugene has 20 years of energy, engineering and finance-related experience.  He has provided operational and strategic planning to meet internal and client business requirements.  His technical experience includes the design, procurement and production of energy and its related systems.  His market knowledge was gained from domestic and international work related to the deregulation and privatization trends surrounding the energy industry.
Prior to forming his own company (ECM), Eugene successfully co-founded a company providing outsourced energy solutions on a national basis and managed operations for an interdisciplinary senior management team comprised of engineers, finance and IT executives.  He grew company revenues into the millions of dollars by meeting customers’ needs through the development of integrated energy management products and procedures.  Early in his career, Eugene held various engineering and engineering/business consultant positions at RW Beck, Syska and Hennessy, and the City of Boston.

NOTE: CC and ECM collaborate as a joint venture to provide energy saving services for CC clients and other large companies and organizations, both foreign and domestic.